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Vanessa Kachadurian |Best Tactics for Boosting Client Relationships

Vanessa Kachadurian knows that building strong client relationships is essential to the growth and sustainability of any business.  It is important that companies understand how to effectively interact with clients to establish long-lasting relationships and position themselves as a trust-worthy and reputable business.  Building a stable client base can take time, so employers want to make sure that they protect it.Vanessa Kachadurian Excels in Building Client Relations

As an experienced sales professional, Vanessa Kachadurian has developed a wealth of knowledge about attracting and retaining customers.  She often trains others in sales techniques, client relations, and other aspects of business.  When it comes to improving client relationships and building a stronger presence, she recommends the following strategies:

Align company objectives.  Client retention and satisfaction is not the responsibility of one department.  It is the responsibility of the entire company.  Each department and each employee plays a role.  Make sure that everyone is on the same page as far as objectives and goals and is trained in proper customer service.  Vanessa Kachadurian encourages business owners to provide periodic training on a variety of skills, ranging from job specific to interpersonal relations.

Remain available.  Clients become frustrated when it is difficult to get in touch with a company with which they are working.  Businesses should make it a point to make communication as stress-free as possible.  Strive for face-to-face interactions when possible and set up business meetings with key clients.  Let them get to know who they are working with and understand that their business is valued.  Utilize other methods of contact – phone, e-mail, and social media – to stay connected as well.  Building personal relationships is vital.

Become knowledgeable.  When selling anything, whether it is a product, service, or idea, it is important to become as knowledgeable as possible.  Know the ins and outs of whatever it is so that when talking to clients they are able to have the most accurate and up-to-date information.  They are looking for companies that can answer all of their questions and expand upon what they already know.  Employees should always look for ways to increase their own knowledge, says Vanessa Kachadurian.  Anticipate what clients might ask and provide information that engages and intrigues them.

Keep in contact.  Establish a system that allows for regular contact with clients.  Follow up with them to ensure that they are still satisfied and if there is anything they need.  Staying proactive can help to prevent problems and allow businesses to anticipate needs, asserts Vanessa Kachadurian.  Sending a quick e-mail, making a phone call, or setting up a meeting can help to build stronger relationships because clients feel valued and important.  It shows that the company is loyal and cares about their business and their customers.  This also gives sales staff the opportunity to present new services or products that may benefit the client and discuss improvements that they are making to current offerings.

Build a sense of community.  Provide clients with ways to get involved.  Making the company website more user-friendly and interactive can help.  Post engaging content that is interesting and that allows clients to learn more.  Include videos, opportunities to give feedback, and other options that keep them connected.  Getting out into the community and hosting, sponsoring, or attending events gives clients a chance for face-to-face interactions and allows them to see that the company is giving back.  Also become active on social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter to allow more two-way communication and sharing of information and ideas.  This also increases accessibility, communication, and interaction.

Vanessa Kachadurian Strategizes on Attracting New Customers
“A large part of business is about retaining customers, but it is also important to attract new ones in order to grow,” explains Vanessa Kachadurian.  “Having an effective and efficient sales team can greatly benefit a company in building a larger client base.”

When looking at attracting new clients, there are several things to keep in mind:

Know target demographics:  Rather than launching broad efforts aimed at attracting anyone, businesses often find they have more success when they identify key targets.  Determine what demographics the services or products are geared toward, then focus on trying to attract these individuals or companies.  Find out more about how they spend their time and money and how these particular products or services fit into their life.  The more specific the demographic the easier it is to target potential sales leads and tailor marketing efforts.
Keep approaches fresh.  Using the same methods and techniques day after day for every client lead can become monotonous.  As Vanessa Kachadurian knows, remaining flexible and adjusting sales approaches can attract new clientele.  Explore what is the most effective and what is not working well and adjust from there.  Also keep product and service offerings up-to-date to have new information to pitch.
Ask for referrals.  What better way to attract new clients than from recommendations from current clients?  Keeping current clients satisfied and building strong relationships gives them more of a reason to spread the word to others.  Offering an incentive such as a discount on services shows appreciation and provides motivation.
Utilize social media:  A large majority of people engage with social media on a daily basis.  By creating an active online presence and employing creative content marketing, businesses can not only attract new customers, but support retention of current ones as well.  It gives clients a way to interact, learn new information, and explore company options.  In addition, many customers turn to online resources to read reviews, check out company websites, and find out what others are saying.
“Making sure that clients are happy is part of running a business,” says Vanessa Kachadurian.  “It is a team effort where everyone must be committed to doing their best.  No matter who a client interacts with, they should get the feeling that their business is valued and their satisfaction is a top priority.”  Vanessa Kachadurian is dedicated to providing superior service and building strong customer relations.


Vanessa Kachadurian is an experienced medical professional who has established a successful career in sales.  She has an in-depth knowledge surrounding the products and services she sells and the organizations for which she has worked.  Her strong communication, business, and sales skills have allowed her to build lasting relations with those she works with, customers and colleagues alike.  She is committed to increasing sales and productivity.

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